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Sunday, January 15, 2017

I'm Dead Serious

"This quiz is about deceased TV actors. If you like the older television shows, you will do well on this multiple choice quiz. Give it a try, and good luck!"

1. This man played Ted Baxter on 'The Mary Tyler Moore Show'. He went on to star in his own show, 'Too Close for Comfort'. Who is he?

Ed Asner
Gavin McCloud
Ted Knight
Jim Bullock

2. This man starred as Mr. Ingalls in 'Little House on the Prairie', and also starred in 'Highway to Heaven'. Who is he?
Bill Bixby
Michael Landon
Jim Backus
Raymond Burr

3. This lollipop licking detective was 'Kojak'. Name this star.
Telly Savalas
James Conrad
Robert Blake
Bill Cannon

4. This man played in My 'Favorite Martian', and went on to play in 'The Incredible Hulk'. Who is he?
Bill Bixby
Steve Reeves
Lou Ferrigno
Jim Arness

5. This man starred in 'Sea Hunt' and later in life starred in 3 episodes of 'Seinfeld'. Who is he?
George Burns
Jackie Gleason
Lloyd Bridges
Walter Matthau

6. This woman played Endora on 'Bewitched'. Who is she?
Lucille Ball
Agnes Moorehead
Yvonne DeCarlo
Judy Garland

7. This man made the 'Lone Ranger' famous in this series. Who is he?
Ward Bond
Charlie Burnett
Clayton Moore
Roy Rogers

8. This man starred in 'Gilligan's Island' and was the voice of 'Mister Magoo' in the cartoon series. Can you name him?
Bob Denver
Lloyd Bridges
Alan Hale Jr.
Jim Backus

9. This man is best known for playing the character Herman in the T.V. show 'The Munsters'. Who is he?
Ed Asner
Fred Gwynne
Danny Thomas
George Burns

10. This man was best known for his character on the T.V. series 'Superman'. Who was he?
George Reeves
James Arness
Ward Bond
Jack Cassidy

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