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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Becoming the Devil They Fear

The following auto-biographical novel was written by a friend of mine, Ryan Willey, of Saskatoon, SK Canada. It is also a book of shadows including spells, magical correspondence tables, rituals, prayers, etc.

I will post some excerpts over several days.

Saskatchewan author, Ryan Wiley
Saskatchewan author, Ryan Willey
Becoming the Devil They Fear, by Ryan Willey

A Sister with a Connection to “the Other Side” (one excerpt)

On another occasion she and our cousin found an Ouija board in the basement of our grandparents’ house who have since passed on.  They were excited to try something scary, however they soon wished that they hadn’t.

They took the board out of the box as they hid in our twin fathers’ childhood bedroom in the basement.  They sat on one of the two twin beds with red covers and they began their experience.  They began speaking to a spirit who was rather friendly at first, however soon their experience took a turn.  The spirit began to seem irritated and suddenly the planchette was moving in such a speed and in a way that scared both of the girls.

It stopped thereafter, however something terrified the poor girls.  All around the bedroom, it was as if many invisible entities were pounding on the walls.  Like fists pounding in such a force that the noise became unbearable for the girls.  They screamed in terror and tried running out of the bedroom but the door wouldn’t open.  They tried constantly unlocking the door and became more terrified wondering when their experience would end.

Aunt’s & Cousin’s Paranormal Experiences (one excerpt)

When our parents heard about what happened with my grandparent’s Ouija board, an aunt of mine became very upset with my sister and cousin.  She exclaimed that what they were doing was dangerous and that they should never do it again.  She thereafter told us a frightening story of what happened to her as a child.

She was spending the night with some girls at a friend’s house with a new friend of theirs.  The new friend was different from the other girls and my aunt found her odd.  Some of the other girls also didn’t quite understand her personality.  They all decided that it would be a fun idea to use the Ouija board in the basement.

These girls had never tried it before besides the girl who lived in the house.  They began their attempt to commune with the spirits.

“Is there anybody here?” one of the girls asked.

The planchette moved to YES then started racing in a sideways figure eight.

“Oh my God!” my aunt exclaimed as the other girls screamed.  “Is someone doing that?”

The planchette moved to YES and flew across the room.  The girls screamed in terror, except for the odd girl.  She stood up and wasn’t saying anything.

The others screamed her name, “What’s wrong?”

Stay tuned tomorrow for another excerpt of his book.

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