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Monday, March 23, 2020

R.I.P. Dad and Mentor

Dad, You taught me how to be a good person and I will always love you.
Thank you for supporting me as the rainbow sheep of the family! It really meant a lot.
I am missing you already
Dad during happier days
Dad was a good provider for our family. My earliest recollections are when we were young and Dad worked 2 jobs, so we could move from The North End of Winnipeg, to Charleswood in a modest size house - infinitely better than the Town House we lived on Troy... So we got to grow up in suburban Winnipeg and we were able to walk to the local school. Dad was an accountant (RIA), I remember telling friends at school, my Dad was in the IRA, Teacher thought that was wrong or had to be! lol!!

Dad was a tinkerer. With anything, he would take it apart and put it back together making it work. One example that he had oodles of patience for but not always a lot of success was computer problems. He would constantly mess up the settings and I would come bail him out. Strange feeling because when I started with computers he would bail me out. But he was determined to figure the issues out before calling me to help him. I did that with a smile and some stern warnings to not muck with the Windows settings - or at least document what he was doing. That rarely happened, lol.

Dad on his balcony

Dad took me golfing quite a bit - even though I hated the game, I went to make Dad happy. I was pretty crappy at the game, that's for sure -- however I have many fond memories of golfing at The Craig golf course in Regina, SK with My Dad and his father, My Grandpa Dan. Fairways were mostly weeds and dirt!

Much later, when I came out to my parents, my Dad supported me right off the bat - Mom was freaking out but Dad consoled her. Since that day, my Dad has always been supportive of my sexual orientation and that brought us closer. No explanations required. Round about when I turned 40, I had several things happen, I was diagnosed bi-polar and had made several attempts on my life. I remember when Dad and Mom came to visit me in the hospital, where my psychiatrist arranged free room and board. Mom was crying and Dad was again so supportive. Up to this last summer, Dad was still supportive and asked me often how I was doing - and offering advice from his heart in how to deal with all the issues that were going on in my life. I thank God that my Dad was who he was, cuz some kids coming out lose one or both parents support. Not so with my Dad.
Dad & Me!
Long story short -- I hated to see his failing health. When he was living in the senior's home -- that wasn't my Dad... I tried to be supportive to him as I know he needed it. He still made "Dad Jokes" which were only a teensy bit funny, if you squinted!. Hard. Ok, so Dad wasn't as funny as he thought and he could throw sarcasm right at you, when you weren't looking - then I would say: "Whaaat?" He would start giggling. I will miss you Dad, and you can never be replaced. Say Hi to Mom up there in Heaven. I bet she missed you! Love Brian
Here is the official obituary

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