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Monday, May 02, 2005

Kettle Math

Kettle Math

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Brings back great memories!

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Sunday, May 01, 2005

Personality Test

Personality Test - Click here

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Top 4 Cheap Ways to Show Him You Care

You don't have to be a baller or have an affinity for bling to show your man you care. If your special someone is on your mind, don't wait for his birthday or an anniversary. Give him these cheap gifts and score enough points to last you a lifetime. 

1) Handwritten Letter The art of the handwritten letter is long gone. In the age of convenience and instant lazy access, writing a letter with an actual pen on paper is the most sincere way to show you care. He'll be impressed that you took the time to write (especially when you could have easily sent him an email). Want to sweeten the deal? Sray it with your favorite cologne and drop it in the mail. Chances are he only gets bills and junk in his box, so your good-smelling letter will be a pleasant surprise. 

2) Single Exotic Flower You don't have to wait for a special day or reason to give flowers. Flowers make any day special. Steer clear of the cheesy rose, though; and don't get him a dozen. Keep the mystery alive by choosing a single exotic flower. The more rare and beautiful, the better. Keep it in the flower shop paper and give it to him in a nonchalant manner (as if it's your first date). He may not respond to the gesture like a game show winner while you're around, but he'll tell his friends how sweet you are later. 

3) Video Phone Message Most newer cell phones are equipped with a video camera. Instead of filming endless reels of your puppy running in circles, be your own star. Record a private message just for him. Let your imagination be the creative director. Most wireless services charge to use this feature, but spending a few extra cents can get you cast in his own personal sequel. 

4) Mixed CD I've always been a fan of the mixed playlist. They're a great way to communicate any message. Why argue, say you're sorry or "I love you" when a CD can do it for you? Your compilation can be about sappy love, wild fun times or a tribute to Al Green. Who cares? He'll appreciate getting a good gift that keeps on giving. Want to save even more money? Get the blank CD from a friend.

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Parrot held in prison

Goes by the name

A parrot has spent five days under police 'interrogation' in prison in Argentina.

A judge ordered Pepo to be held in custody until he told police who was his real owner, reports UOL.

Two neighbours, Jorge Machado and R Vega, were disputing ownership of the bird.

Judge Osvaldo Carlos decided the parrot should be sent to prison until he said the name of his owner.

After five days, Pepo said Jorge's name and also sung the anthem of his favourite football team San Lorenzo.

Mr Machado said: "I knew he wasn't going to let me down, he is a real friend and we support the same football team."

Teen squirts milk through his eyes

An Indian teenager has become famous for his ability to take in milk through his nose and to squirt it out of his eyes. 

Praveen Kumar Sehrawat sucks milk up his nostrils and squirts it up to 12ft through his tear ducts, reports Asian News International. 

The feat has earned him a place in the Limca Book of Records, India's version of the Guinness Book of World Records.  

The 16-year-old wrestler, from Dariyapur Kalan, near Delhi, also holds the national record for eating 170 green chillies in 5 minutes 7 seconds. And he says he can hammer a nail into his nose without discomfort. His brother Ashok Kumar said: "He is an inspiration for many around the village. "Some people here are even trying stunts that were earlier unthinkable. I hope others will come forward to carry on his torch."


Colour Test

Colour Test

Got a clue? Check to see...

The average person only gets 7 right so use all lobes of your brain. This can be more difficult than it looks - it just shows how little most of us really see!

There are 25 questions about things we see every day or have known about all our lives. How many can you get right? These little simple questions are harder than you think. It just shows how little we pay attention to the commonplace things of life.

RULES: Put your thinking caps on. No cheating! No looking around! No getting out of your chair! No using anything on or in your desk or computer!

Can you beat 13? (The average is 7) Write down your answers and check answers (on the bottom) AFTER completing all the questions .

REMEMBER - NO CHEATING!!! It doesn't matter if you cheat, actually, because if you have to cheat, then you don't know the answer, so, you've already missed the question. BE HONEST!That means no looking at your phone or anything on your desk...


Here we go!

1. On a standard traffic light, is the green on the top or bottom?

2. How many states are there in the USA? (Don't laugh, some people don't know.)

3. In which hand is the Statue of Liberty's torch?

4. What six colors are on the classic Campbell's soup label?

5. What two numbers on the telephone dial don't have letters by them?

6. When you walk does your left arm swing with your right or left leg? (Don't you dare get up to see!)

7. How many matches are in a standard pack?

8. On the United States flag is the top stripe red or white?

9. What is the lowest number on the FM dial? (Don't look at that dial)!

10. Which way does water go down the drain, counter or clockwise? (Get out of the bathroom!)

11. Which way does a "no smoking" sign's slash run?

12. How many channels on a VHF TV dial?

13. On which side of a women's blouse are the buttons?

14. Which way do fans rotate?

15 How many sides does a stop sign have?

16. Do books have even-numbered pages on the right or left side?

17 How many lug nuts are on a standard car wheel?

18. How many sides are there on a standard pencil?

19. Sleepy, Happy, Sneezy, Grumpy, Dopey & Doc. Who's missing?

20. How many hot dog buns are in a standard package?

21. On which playing card is the card maker's trademark?

22. On which side of a Venetian blind is the cord that adjusts the opening between the slats?

23. There are 12 buttons on a touch tone phone. What 2 symbols bear no digits?

24. How many curves are there in the standard paper clip?

25. Does a merry-go-round turn counter or clockwise?


1. Bottom

2. 50

3. Right

4. Blue, red, white, yellow, black &gold

5. 1, 0

6. Right

7. 20

8. Red

9. 87.7

10. Clockwise (north of the equator)

11. From lower right to upper left

12. 12 (there is no #1)

13. Left

14. Clockwise as you look at it from the front. (unless they have a reverse switch).

15. 8

16. Left

17. 5

18. 6

19. Bashful

20. 8

21. Ace of spades

22. Left

23. * and #

24. 3

25. Counter

Philip Seymour Hoffman

Philip Seymour Hoffman (Los Angeles, California) For all who have followed Philip Seymour Hoffman’s film career, it has been an exciting journey. “Multiply that by one thousand, for me,” says Hoffman, recently, when I speak with him after his Oscar win for the mesmerizing and stunning portrayal of the late, effete and gay, Truman Capote - an icon in his era, for part of his life, at least. “Capote” was one of those small films - a film that cost next to nothing to make - that was so good, in every sense of the word, that it found an audience of film lovers and the Academy found it, nominating it for a plethora of Oscars, including Best Picture and Director. Hoffman’s win for Best Actor, however, is the real prize, because without Hoffman, there would have been no “Capote” on the big screen. --more--