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Sunday, March 31, 2024

Don't throw out your old garden hose

garden hoses

Garden hoses are simply tools that are used to water plants and lawns. They come in handy for many other uses as well. Here are some of the uses for old garden hoses:

1. Garden art. Garden hoses can be used to make unique garden art pieces. Try weaving them together to make a basket, or wrapping them around a wire frame to make a wreath.

2. Plant holder. If you have a tall plant that needs a lot of support, an old garden hose can come in handy. Cut the hose into pieces and shape it around the stem of the plant.

3. Compost aerator. Garden hoses can be used to aerate compost. Cut the hose into short sections and insert them into the compost pile. This will help air circulation and make for better compost.

4. DIY sprinkler. Cut a long garden hose into sections and use them to create a DIY sprinkler. Connect the sections with zip ties and put a hose connector on the end. Attach a hose to the connector and you have a homemade sprinkler.

5. Hose protector. Garden hoses can be used to protect other hoses from damage. Wrap them around other hoses to give them some extra cushion. This will help prevent kinks and other damage.

These are just a few of the creative uses for old garden hoses. With a bit of imagination, you can find even more ways to repurpose your garden hoses.

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