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Sunday, June 10, 2018

Top Ten Rejection Lines

Where someone is letting you down gently – what exactly is running through their mind?

Here’s The Wizard's pick of the top ten rejection lines and what they actually mean!

10) I think of you as a friend. (You`re terminally ugly.)

9) There`s a slight difference in our ages. (You`re terminally old and ugly.)

8) I`m not attracted to you in `that` way. (You`d turn anyone straight)

7) My life is too complicated right now. (I have platinum gaydar membership)

6) I`ve got a boyfriend. (I wouldn’t touch you with a shitty stick)

5) I don`t date anyone from work. (I’m bedding the boss)

4) It`s not you, it`s me. (I’m sober)

3) I`m concentrating on my career. (It’ll cost you 50 bucks)

2) I`m celibate. (You’re still ugly)

1) Let`s be friends. (I’ve had you – movin on)

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