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Sunday, June 12, 2016

15 Ex-Walmart Employees Share Their Most Disturbing Work Stories. These Made Me Cringe.

from Pref.com
1/15. Opened up the semi trailer full of pet food to be greeted by 5 raccoons staring me down. I'm a full grown man but that was intimidating.


2/15. I'll start with my grossest: A woman comes in with some panties and said they didn't fit and she wanted to return them for cash because she had already bought the correct size elsewhere. She had a receipt and plopped a Walmart bag down on the counter. Inside this bag were 6 crusty crotched, shit stained panties that were a biohazard from six feet away. Needless to say I did not touch them. I paged the manager on duty and he tells me to just TAKE THEM BACK despite being very nasty. Processed the return and she happily left the store with her $8.


3/15. Working there as a cashier since October. Christmas Eve rolls around, and thank god I'm not scheduled to work. Cue phone call from the manager asking why I haven't come in yet that day.. "I'm not on the schedule?" Manager - "Yes you are" Me - "I'm not coming in, I wasn't on the schedule." Next day I worked was the day after boxing day, went and looked at the schedule, and lo-and-behold, someone wrote that I was supposed to work... In pencil... I quit shortly after.


4/15. My mom was a manager at Walmart... She told me about this woman who was trying to steal a prepaid phone. When she got caught by security she used the knife she was attempting to open the plastic packaging with to cut the security dude after cutting herself.... She then went on to scream at him that she has AIDS and now he's going to have it for trying to stop her.


5/15. My biggest pet peeve was people coming through the express lane with 800,000 items in their fucking cart. Overweight, middle-aged women were the primary culprits. I don't know why. Some weird sense of entitlement, I guess. There was one lady who could tell I was annoyed. I didn't say anything, but she kept trying to have a conversation with me and I kept giving her short, one word answers. At one point she was like "DO YOU HAVE A PROBLEM WITH ME OR SOMETHING?!?!" And I was like "Well, it does say 20 items or less... we have very little counter space here." She said "You're the most hateful person I've ever met." Which must be an exaggeration, because I never said anything really rude to her, other than to answer the question she clearly asked. I'm surprised she didn't call a manager.

Some dude pounded his fist on the counter as hard as he could and screamed "COME ON MAN HURRY THE F*CK UP!!!!" I was trying to unroll a roll of dimes to give him his change. He was buying corn dogs from the deli place.

Had a guy throw his cigarettes at me because they were the wrong ones. I laid the box on the counter, he picked them up, and threw them at me, hitting me in the chest and said "I SAID GOLD, MORON."

Those were just isolated a**holes, though. Really it was just the monotony and soul sucking feeling of dealing with slack-jawed idiots all day long.


6/15. Last summer I frequently visited my best friend who worked at the technology counter thing at Walmart. One day when I was there someone took the biggest, steamiest shit I've ever seen in my life in the middle of the toy aisle. Someone pushed a cart through it and it smeared everywhere. My buddy called in a code brown on his walkie talkie, trying to be a smart ass. Code brown means hostage situation. Hilarity ensued.


7/15. I worked for Walmart 11 years ago for a whopping total of 8 months. I worked the overnight shift as an Overnight Stocker for Department 8 (Pets). The store I worked at had just gotten brand new high rise shelves installed. They were said to be able to hold over a ton. Well, one night after getting all my regular freight stocked and the overstock put into the bins, my bosses had me pull 8 pallets of Arm & Hammer cat litter. The boxes had a bonus 10lbs inside, making them nearly 35 or so pounds a piece. They wanted all of those on the high risers. I asked if they were absolutely sure the shelves would be able to handle all that weight. I threw a shit-fit about it because I know I was in the right for being worried. Other department managers who were there also sided with me. They watched over the next couple of hours as I carefully did my job. As I was putting the final 12 boxes on the bottom shelf, I heard a cracking and tearing sound, and next thing I know is I'm buried underneath all of the cat litter that had caused the shelve to collapse.

Everybody in the store heard it happen, and everybody was explicitly told NOT to dial 911 or anything. F*ck that s**t! After getting all my blood cleaned from my face and cuts patched up, I called my uncle's then time girlfriend who is a lawyer, told her what had just occurred, and what the upper management is attempting to do. As of today, I still haven't spent all the money I received as a result of going to court over it. F*ck Walmart!


8/15. Once I had a woman who was giving me a hard time about a coupon that was expired (coupon people are the worst). She refused to give up, she really wanted that dollar off. My line was really getting long and I was getting really frustrated. So I reached in my pocket and pulled out a Five and said "If I give you a five will you give up on this coupon?" She got pissed and said "I can't believe you said that to me." She told the CSM but I didn't get in trouble for it.


9/15. I sprained my back moving product in the back. At first I thought it was a pulled muscle, and walked towards the pharmacy to try and buy a heating pads and some Tylenol.

I made it to jewelry, barely keeping conscious from the pain. I asked my coworker to call management and let them know I had hurt myself pretty badly and needed to go to the hospital. Management told her to have me go to the back office to fill out paperwork. I blacked out twice going back, and was yelled at for taking so long. I ended up being out for a month and a half for the injury, and got a whopping $24 in workman's comp because the second I got hurt my hours were reduced to one hour a week. I hate walmart.


10/15. Former Cart Pusher. Had an old lady try to tip me $1 after I helped her bring her newly bought plants or some shit to her car. Told her I couldn't accept it per company policy (an it was only 1 dollar so I mean it wasn't particularly enticing). She then proceeded to roll over in her little scooter mobile and stuff it down the front of my pants. She chuckled dirtily as she rolled away.


11/15. Four hours into my first shift, I was facing items on a bottom shelf while a coworker was facing items on the top shelf. She dropped a gallon of Gatorade on my head. Management refused to let me report the injury or leave to seek medical attention. I finished the shift, dazed and in pain. The next day I found out my skull was broken. Officially, since I was not allowed to report the injury, it didn't happen at work. I rage quit.


12/15. There was black mold in the dairy cooler.

And I don't mean just a little patch. I mean all the way along the yogurt wall. The manager who was asked to clean it claimed he did.

So naturally the higher up management went to check his work. He hadn't even touched it.

They ended up having to stand in there watching him disinfect the cooler from top to bottom. This was a well known druggie and it was too gross for HIM.

A Co-worker witnessed one of the day shift meat department workers take a piece of meat that was almost green out of claims and put it back on the shelf.

On top of that, for a good three months you could smell the expired meat from outside the meat cooler.


13/15. As a cashier we were required to know before we started the transaction if the customer was using W.I.C. so I am going about my business and I go to start ringing the next customer up and I see cheese, peanut butter, milk, eggs, and cereal (All of these are very common wic items) so I very nicely ask her if this is going to be a wic transaction. That was my mistake because she blew up on me. Calling me a stupid racist because I just assumed she had to have W.I.C. She told me that was why I was working at Walmart because I was too dumb to actually go to college (I was in college at the time, with a school book under my register) It was really embarrassing and I really didn't mean anything by it. I just didn't want to have to call a CSM over to void the transaction if I did it incorrectly.


14/15. One day a woman stole a bottle of perfume, and took it to the bathroom. She poured it out into her own container, and then proceeded to fill the container with her own piss. She then took the bottle up to returns and tried to return it. To this day I have no idea why my manager gave her the refund. It was very obvious that the woman pissed in the bottle because it was still warm.


15/15. Not me, but this is my moms Walmart horror story:

She worked at Walmart when I was little, not even 4 yet. When I was little I had some kind of recurring virus that caused me to develop a 104 degree fever and a severe case of hives. So one day while she is at work at my dad calls the store and tells her that I am VERY sick again. So of course, she goes to the manager and said she needed to leave because her baby was ill. They told her, "you need to choose between Walmart and your family!!!!!" Haha her response was I GAVE BIRTH TO MY CHILD NOT TO WALMART GOODBYE!!! And walked out!



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