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Monday, May 10, 2010

Family Guy

seth MacFarlane and Family Guy Today I think that Seth MacFarlane of Family Guy has gone too far. When Glen Quagmire finds out his Dad is Transgendered, the reaction was acceptable. I mean it was a surprise to Quagmire, his father being someone different than he thought he was. Glen came around to accept his father as being happy and Glen was happy for him. My ISSUE is the reaction of Lois, Peter and Brian. See Brian (The F'in dog!), ends up meeting "Ida" at The Marriott, and I guess had sex with her. When Stewie told Brian that Ida was previously a male and now a female, Brian puked for at least 20 seconds. This was a totally silly and stupid reaction - I know that perhaps some people cannot get their heads around transgendered people. I see this show as promoting hatred towards the Transgendered. This is precisely the kind of stuff that appeals to people that are already so right wing that they will chuckle at this situation. I have noticed that Family Guy has been getting more and more obnoxious towards all marginalized people. This has to stop.

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Anonymous said...

dude...family guy rule....you point is fair but is comedy....get used to it