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Saturday, January 01, 2022

"I hope..."

By Trent Deerhorn

Deerhorn Shamanic Services

I am not one who makes New Year’s resolutions. I frankly find those to be a joke, considering that very few people ever succeed with them. But I do have wishes and hopes for the coming year. These are for me, yes, but they are also for everyone else who resonates with them. So here goes:

I hope that you allow yourself to forgive whatever part of yourself from your past that is holding onto any form of shame or guilt.

I hope that you allow yourself to let go of any negative thoughts and beliefs that are not resonant with the divine and sovereign being that you truly are.

I hope that you take the appropriate steps to create a vast and beautiful life for yourself.

I hope that you learn to love yourself more deeply every day.

I hope that you find fulfillment in life, in relationships and in your work.

I hope that you recognize that what you do for a living is not who you are.

I hope that you come to know yourself better each day and that you are happy with who you know.

I hope that you pursue your dreams with as much vigor and resilience as you have been using in a job that does not value you as a person.

I hope that you avoid, at all costs, the temptation to sink into mediocrity.I hope that you see your dreams as valid opportunities that you only need to put effort into to manifest.

I hope that each day you take at least one step toward what your life’s goals are.

I hope that you adjust your life’s goals to weed out the materialistic and plant the humanitarian aspects.

I hope that you will be someone’s hero and that you will also be your own hero.

I hope that you will feel a deep connection to the Earth and all her creatures.

I hope that you will feel a deep connection to the divine.

I hope that you will recognize all that which only serves as a distraction from what you truly want, and that you will eliminate it from your life.

I hope that you will allow yourself time in silence, for it is in silence that true inspiration takes place.

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