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Wednesday, October 06, 2021

What does the term "WOKE" mean?

Woke (/woʊk/ wohk) is a term, originating in the United States, that originally referred to awareness about racial prejudice and discrimination. It subsequently came to encompass an awareness of other issues of social inequality, for instance, regarding gender and sexual orientation. Since the late 2010s, it has also been used as a general term for left-wing political movements and perspectives emphasizing the identity politics of people of colour, LGBT people, and women. 

'Wisdom Opportunity Knowledge and Empowerment'

Sometimes the act of being very pretentious about how much you care about a social issue. 

"I'm sure glad I attended that college seminar on crypto-genderism, now I'm really woke."

The more you know

Do you know any "WOKERS"?

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