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Saturday, October 09, 2021

The Young Within**

Old Woman
The Young Within 

When you see an old person hobbling along
Don't frown and then turn away.
For inside that withered old body
Dwells a heart that's still young and gay.

You may see hair that's turned silver
And age-spotted wrinkled old skin
But take a longer, deeper look
To see the young person within.

A person who's known joy and happiness
And perhaps has cried bitter tears.
Who has shared times of youthful laughter
And knowledge that has come with the years.

So don't laugh at them with derision
Reach out and take them by the hand.
For someday when at last time has touched you
You'll know the young inside and understand.

© Betty Lindsey 6th.June 2006

Old Woman
**Dedicated to my Mom who could not experience growing old.

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