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Friday, September 11, 2020

We Shall Remember


We Shall Remember Forever
We Shall Remember.... Forever

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We will never forget - 9-11-2001.

Above picture is from RJ and the Firedog's Blog

Forever Remembered

There’s no way to avoid it.
It happens every year.
I think about other things
But this day begins to appear.
It happens very subtly,
A song, a picture or two
And then I begin to remember,
A sky … oh so blue.
You woke up that morning
Said your goodbye’s
Little did you know
Hours later you would die
I didn’t know your name
Never met you in fact
But you were with my friends
That were there and never came back
It’s been 14 years since last I enjoyed a blue sky
It’s been 14 years since many of us said goodbye
I’d like to know that you’re okay
Looking from above
Knowing that you are truly missed
By all those you love
Forever Remembered

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