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Thursday, July 30, 2020

The River

"I walked down by the river tonight. Decided to put my feet in. As I stood there the weight of the world began running down my face, sometimes life just gets too real. the disease took hold, I went a little deeper and stood there for a long time. And then God spoke to me, “don’t do it buddy!” “It’s not worth it!” He pointed out some of the beautiful things in this world. I looked up and saw him. He came to me as a big native guy and his girlfriend on the broadway bridge. “How do We get down there?” he shouted, I point to the path.

5 minutes later they came tumbling through the bush swearing at each other lol. He took his shoes off and stood in the water. He spoke of incarceration, addiction and failed suicide attempts. He spoke of funny things and unexpected coincidental love. He asked me what I was thinking about and I told him. He was impressed with my clean time and told me to hang in there, and then.....

they were gone.

I walked the streets for hours after that trying to make sense of what just happened. Passed by bars and thought about going in, walked on by. Frozen lemonade was my final choice and it tasted so good. What a mysterious experience this life is, I’m so grateful to be here. 1256 days clean!"

My response.

"It's incredible how fast life shifts and then shifts back. Sunday we had a nice coffee drive, you and I. We spoke of how good life is, the new found depth of love you have for your son, and how you've enjoyed having time off to be with him and yourself.


Then Monday you had this experience. You felt world weary, tired of living life on life's terms.

Then God showed up.


God truly does walk, talk, shake hands and offer hugs everywhere... If we keep our eyes and hearts open.Yours were wide open in that moment, now the secret is to keep them that way and watch all the whispers, little notes and taps on the shoulder he gives you and has been giving you the whole time.

I love you bro. I'm glad you listened when God spoke and recognised it for what it was....a little beautiful perfectly timed encouragement from the still soft voice of your soul in another man's voice."

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