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Saturday, April 13, 2019

The Homosexual Zebra

Rainbow zebra
The homosexual zebra is a brightly coloured rainbow tint. He can be seen roaming the Serengeti in search of a suitable same-sex mate. Zebra's mate for life but the homosexual zebra is sometimes the exception. This has to do with the prevailing laws in the coutry they reside in. You will see him courting his prospective mate in the late daylight hours, just before sunset. This is do to the innate want of not spending the night alone.

The courtship of the homosexual zebra is quite flamboyant: He will walk with a swish type gate - accentuating his colourful rump. He will swish his tail in a provocative manner. He will do a double take and see if his mark is checking him out. He will blink quickly - so the mark is aware of his interest and will bat his huge eyelashes at the mark.

He will lift his right front hoof and and tap it in such a way that the prospective can see and hear it - thus signifying a wanton need of sexual release. If the mark repeats the same moves - he is telling the aggressor that he is also interested in taking the courtship further.

The two zebras will now trot happily towards each other, and the pursuer will turn his brightly coloured backside to the other, and then will do an about face and immediately bite the other to show him that he is indeed the more powerful - thus determining what will transpire later in the sexual act itself.

If successful, the two homosexual zebra's will move to a well shaded, quiet area, where they can be alone. Homosexual zebra sex can be quite rough - often ending up with one or both requiring some downtime to rest - however, it is not unexpected that they will have some kind of sex, several times over the next several hours.

They will sleep beside each other until morning - at which time, the originator - will kick the other in the butt signifying the end of the encounter.

Homosexual zebra's rarely mate for life, they seem to prefer a "swinging" single lifestyle, with the excitement that that brings. This is in part that they are unable to be seen trotting in public together, without repercussion.

The homosexual zebra has been seen marching in Pride Parades in North America, but sadly, in it's homeland of the Serengeti, Homosexuals are still charged with a crime and thusly have driven the majority of homosexual zebra's to Hide their true colours, to evade detection.

It is my hope, that we will progress as a society that one day soon, the homosexual zebra and indeed, all zebras, homosexual and straight, will be able to peacefully co-exist together, free from the oppression that countries thrust upon them. After all, they are both striped, they both love, it's simply a question of who they love.

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