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Wednesday, May 03, 2017

PC Troubleshooting

Your computer sick?

Sometime during the life of your PC something will go wrong. Unless you want to pay someone big bucks to fix it, you will need to learn how to troubleshoot it yourself. That is why we have created this section.

If its under warranty, let them do it.

Attempting to troubleshoot your own computer can be a real nightmare. After awhile, you feel like trading your screwdriver for a sledge hammer. I know. I've been there. Before trying to troubleshoot, you must keep a few things in mind:
Makes ya wanna don't it?

A computer isn't that complicated. Its just a collection of parts. Do not panic. Chances are that your problem is really pretty simple. What has changed since it last worked? Sometimes one has done some small upgrade that seems unrelated to the problem, but in reality caused the problem to begin with. There are also some things that you should think about:

Beta software: Remember that this software is beta because it still has bugs. Some problems may be the result of this.

Jerry-Rigging: If you have built some strange setup on your computer to "make due", this could result in a problem.(i.e., short cables, missing screws)

Viruses: Scan for viruses. Some of them can do some nasty things.

Here is a list of the current troubleshooting articles:
Is the power on?
Check this one thing first

  • REAL Common Network Troubleshooting

    by Justin Shin 8/2/2003
    A problem/solution type article for some common networking problems.

  • Mobile PC Tool Kit - What you Need

    by David Risley 4/22/2003

    This is the basic one

    A thorough look at the items one may want to have in their own PC repair toolbox. A useful read for anyone about to tackle a PC repair/upgrade/build task using our website.

  • Before Submitting Contacting Tech Support

    by David Risley 3/30/2001
    Some basic steps you should take before contacting any tech support.

  • Windows 95 Error Messages

    by David Risley 3/23/2001
    A look at some of the common Windows errors and what they mean.

    The dreaded Blue Screen of Death
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