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Thursday, May 04, 2017

A Queen Can Always Spot A Queen

Miss Thing, and Priscilla Prickme

Miss Thing, and Priscilla Prickme, two very piss elegant, but very drunk drag queens, were staggering their way home.

But, no matter how messy they were, these girls could spot a find a block away. Especially if it was glittery and possibly valuable.

As they stumbled along the street, Miss Thing noticed a gold toned compact on the sidewalk and trying oh so hard to maintain her balance, leaned down to pick it up.

She opened it, looked in the mirror, and said, "Hmmm, this person looks familiar."

Priscilla said, "Let me look."

So Miss Thing handed her the compact.

Priscilla looked in the mirror then turned to her friend and exclaimed: "You dumbass -- that's *me*!

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