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Monday, January 16, 2017

Becoming the Devil They Fear

The following auto-biographical novel was written by a friend of mine, Ryan Willey, of Saskatoon, SK Canada. It is also a book of shadows including spells, magical correspondence tables, rituals, prayers, etc.

I will post some excerpts over several days.

Saskatchewan author, Ryan Wiley
Saskatchewan author, Ryan Willey
Becoming the Devil They Fear, by Ryan Willey

Falling for a Christian Boy (1 excerpt)

We liked the same rock bands which I was surprised about since they were quite vulgar at times.  Later we realized that we had many things in common and the one thing I wondered constantly was how likely it was that he had special feelings for me as well.  The kind of feelings which surpassed the feelings of our new friendship which I desperately hoped he did.

He was a rarity in my life and didn’t concern himself with the cruel natures of the school playground. He was genuine and I could tell that he liked me even if I was rather odd at times. While he also showed me sides of his personality that made it so easy to fall in love with him. We shared the same down to earth mannerisms in life and we loved to push the edges around people to get an awkward reaction out of them. We were so much alike and we always kept each other entertained.

Whether we were watching a movie which we shouldn’t have been watching or stopping to take a breath and talking for hours about life and our purpose, he was someone I could really talk to; and that was fairly hard to find because I was either a loser or just a clown to most people. In time, however, he really helped me gather key social skills which I still use to this day. I was able to talk to people in a genuine manner no matter who they were or what their background was.

Soon after meeting, I stayed over for weekends at his family’s place.  We both slept in his bed and I remember the first night I slept at their place.  My mind was going crazy with thoughts of how I could get this boy with whom I was falling in love to tell me that he was gay too.  I also desperately wanted us to pleasure each other because of my age and how comfortable I was with him. I knew I had to tell him how much I loved him but first I thought I should see if he was even interested in me sexually.

Christian Youth Groups (2 excerpts)

One of the first times the Christian boy called me, he asked me to go to a youth group.  It was a rather strange idea to me, being a freshman in high school while he was still in junior high.  Since the group would be mainly junior high kids, I hesitated.  This boy was different however, although I wondered if the others in the group would be too childish for my liking.  However those thoughts went away quickly because of the feelings I had for the Christian boy and even if the younger children annoyed me, at least I’d be with him.  I simply couldn’t get enough of my new friend.


Some of these children came from typical “born again” families which meant they were often home schooled and sheltered.  They were allowed to go to church related events, however if they were to have a friend over or go to a friend’s house, their parents would keep a very close eye on who they associated with.  They would have to meet their parents a few times before allowing them to be influenced by whomever their children had an interest in socializing with.

Often the other children didn’t know what to think about my strange sense of humour and I would even whisper some sexual jokes and comments to them.  Luckily I wasn’t kicked out of the group.

The youth pastor was fairly understanding that my new love interest and I had a unique friendship in which we were simply being kids based on our unique personalities.  He recognized that we were fairly influenced by outside sources in regards to humour, but he never seemed to mind.

Stay tuned tomorrow for another excerpt of his book.

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