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Saturday, December 10, 2016

Things You Should Know Ain't True...

Keep Calm it's not true
Some Recent NOT TRUE Internet Claims

Untrue: AIDS virus is being injected into randomly chosen vicitms in crowded theaters and night clubs

Untrue: Antiperspirants cause breast cancer

Untrue: Aspartane causes everything from memory loss to Multiple Sclerosis.

Untrue: An ATM customer died after licking a cyanide-coated deposit envelope (currently big in Canada)

Untrue: "Blue Star" tattoos are laced with LSD

Untrue: Enfalac baby formula and dog food caused a toddler's stomach to explode.

Untrue: Febreze fabric deodorizer is toxic to pets

Untrue: Licking an envelope caused a cockroach to hatch in someone's tongue

Untrue: LSD & strychnine on pay phone buttons

Untrue: Mountain Dew shrinks testicles and lowers sperm count

Untrue: Procter & Gamble's pot-scrubbers contain an Agent Orange derivative

Untrue: Pull-tabs from soft-drink cans are redeemable for dialysis

Untrue: Shampoo ingredient sodium laureth sulfate causes cancer

Untrue: "Toilet spiders" kill 5 in Chicago airport

Untrue: Toxic tampons Contain Asbestos

Untrue: Waterproof sunscreen causes blindness in children

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