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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Christmas "By the letters"

R..eindeer are gathered in front of the sleigh
E..agerly waiting to be on their way
I..n guiding Santa with speed through the night
N..ever had the north star shone so bright
D..asher and Dancer and Prancer and Vixen
E..ven Comet and Cupid and Donner and Blitzen
E..spied all the good children asleep in their bed
R..esting in slumber as they lay down their head.

N..ew born child is asleep in his manger
A..ll of God's creatures protecting from danger
T..he sheep and the donkey look into the stall
I..nfant tucked snuggly in his swaddling shawl
V..oices are hushed in the still of the night
I..n awe stand his parents to behold such a sight
T..he nativity scene playing out in their mind
Y..uletide message they'll pass to all of mankind.

G..azing out into the snow-swept morning
R..eady to pounce without a moment's warning
E..ager eyes looked down the street for a sign
E..xpecting a delivery, he gave a gentle whine
T..hen barked when a man walked up to the door
I..n through the letterbox came festive cards galore
N..ipping at fingers as he grabbed all the post
G..rowling at mailmen was what Dog loved the most!

N..eglected and lonely at their time of need
I..ncapable of giving, the rich often plead
C..harity forgotten by all the spendthrifts
H..oarding their presents, their expensive gifts
O..n Christmas Eve as the weather gets worse
L..end a few pennies by opening your purse
A..cross at the church stands a very sad queue
S..oup kitchens open, a warm welcome for few.

C..hristmas crackers displayed on the table
R..each over and pull, if you find you are able
A..loud bang is heard as it's ripped into half
C..orny joke inside that will give you a laugh
K..nock, knock, Who's there?, Wayne, Wayne who?
E..rrr, Wayne in a manger", then our chuckles grew
R..oaring with laughter, we rolled on the floor
S..illy hats fell as Santa walked through the door!

C..hildren write to Santa every Christmas Eve
H..oping that he's real, and not just make-believe
I..nnocent young children have been very, very good
L..et him please deliver to their neighbourhood
D..on't forget to leave a plate of warm mince pies
R..um or spicy eggnog is such a nice surprise
E..ach child is sent to bed full of festive cheer
N..ew signage by the door, "SANTA PLEASE STOP HERE!"

S..now falls gently from the sky above
N..o sign of any blackbird, swallow or dove
O..ne little snowbird on this frozen morn
W..arbling gently over the frosted lawn
B..raving the cold another bird appeared
I..t's body distinct as the swirling mist cleared
R..ed breast plumped up with a song so jolly
D..arting all around in the branches of holly.

G..athered around by the warming fire
O..rdinary folk in their evening attire
O..ffering friends a shake of their hand
D..rinking good health in a gesture so grand
W..ishing each other their Christmas cheer
I..nviting a toast for another good year
L..ights on the tree are sparkling bright
L..ove between neighbours, a wonderful sight.

D..ecember is a time which is full of reflection
E..voking deep thoughts of gloom and dejection
C..old dark nights when our hearts are weary
E..ven the days seem so long and dreary
M..emories echo of the sun's warmth and light
B..eneath blue skies our love flourished so bright
E..phemeral moments like these to hold dear
R..emember the roses at the close of the year.

E..verywhere Christmas must come to a close
P..arties are over, please don't feel morose
I..mparting our farewell on the twelfth night
P..ack away tinsel and dim down the light
H..ide away stockings, dismantle the tree
A..nother year over, it's sad but you'll see
N..ext year will be better, our future is clear
Y..esterday's over, now dry up your tear.

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