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Saturday, November 26, 2016

11 Front Yard Decorating and Landscaping Mistakes to Avoid

Sure, It's Your Yard. But Everyone Else has to Look at It
crap in teh front yard
Our homes and yards are often personal expressions of who we are, and unless we live under the rules of a homeowners' association (HOA), we can pretty much landscape and decorate our front yards as we please.

However, some landscaping and decorating choices are best avoided. Among them: anything highly personalized, valuable, potentially offensive, or associated with hoarding.

Look at it this way: a front yard should be an entry garden that is pleasing, goes with the architectural style of a house, and uses plants that are native or indigenous to the region and are well maintained.

The entry and front door should also be easy to access, unless you live in a gate-guarded home or community.

Let your backyard be your personal outdoor space, where you can let your creativity, hobbies, passions, and favorite ways to relax all happen, privately.

No, They Can't Take That Away From Me. Or Can They?

Many cities and residential communities enforce or ban what you can and can't do with your front yard, which includes landscaping, decorating, and even operating something as innocent as a lemonade stand.

Before you build something, make plans, or invest time and money in your personal front yard project, check with local codes and ordinances.

To make it easier, consult this list of things that should not be happening in your front yard.

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