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Sunday, July 17, 2016

The Louis C.K. Guide to Masturbation

By LIAM MATHEWS, Nerve.com

"I like it. It's easy and it's fun and nobody gets hurt."

Luis C.K. - Comedian/Mastyurbator

Louis C.K. masturbates. It's part of his identity. Comedian, father, masturbator. He talks about jerking off more than a nun at an all-boys Catholic high school. He's probably America's foremost masturbation expert who isn't a professional, full-time sex advice giver. Last night's episode of Louie featured a long discussion of masturbation, and a fairly progressive view of male use of sex toys. Louie even bought himself a Magic Wand. May is Masturbation Month, and in celebration of that, as well as the long-awaited return of Louie, we've collected the best stuff Louis C.K. has ever said about masturbation.

For more, click here to go to Nerve.com (NSFW - Like I had to tell ya!)

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