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Sunday, June 12, 2016

The Wizard of 'OZ' stands beside all those affected by the shooting in Orlando

My Partner Dwight
I was shocked to hear of the mass shooting at Pulse nightclub in Orlando, FL. I cannot imagine what everyone is going through. At least 50 lives lost, more than 50 more injured. These people were just living their lives as themselves. They were not hurting anyone. The shooter (who I refuse to use his name, as his name, identity and existence to have even lived, will not be brought to attention by me.), premeditated this. Bought guns (why would they sell him a bushmaster assault rife, when over the last few years was interviewed by the FBI as a possible terrorist? That's totally fucked up that this could happen, (I apologize for the expletive.) He then drove 2 hours to Orlando and to Pulse and then opened fire. This was premeditation. Don't give him a scapegoat about being bi-polar, as it is likely not what triggered this attack, he planned it over several days. Bi-Polar is characterized by impulsive actions. Planning out this long was not impulsive. Bi-Polar people rarely hurt other people. So while it is technically possible, it is not probable.
We will never Languish...
Tonight, I join with my brothers and sisters in a vigil remembering those killed and injured by this maniac. We stand in solidarity with those in Florida, who lost family and friends.
We Are Orlando
The Wizard of 'OZ'

here is a link to Buzzfeed.com that has small biographies of some of the dead.

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