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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Signs! Signs! Everywhere Signs!!

Do you ever feel like you're just aimlessly walking through life and have pretty much zero direction? Now, on top of that, does danger lurk around every corner because you're just so wrapped up in your own mind? Then, to top it all off, do you walk smack dab into a sign that tells you the importance of steering clear of any tomatoes?

If so, this is the article for you.

We live in a time where you have to warn people of any and every outcome, or risk having their stupidity take over and leave you liable for all sorts of problems down the road.

Half the time, you can just tell exactly what happened that warranted the warning sign to begin with (like in #10).

So it's not too shocking that these warning signs exist. Just disappointing really.

1. Only pickles
2. But do they share?
3. I don't see how anything could go wrong here
4. I need this for my living room
5. Maintain a steady speed at all times
6. Clearly, no fun can be had by doing this
7. If life was just one big Spy vs Spy cartoon
8. Go fast for the purposeful porn area
9. When you get Xzibit to pimp your sign
10. But how will the people know that I was there during the great fire of 2016?
11. How can we make bears seem deadlier? Let them fly
12. That's quite the YouTube video you have planned there
13. We're all doomed
14. At least they're free-range, right?
15. He's not to be trusted
16. The real reason we have children

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