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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Should Canada join U.S

by Kathleen Maloney, I live next door and am engulfed by your culture

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Q: Should Canada join U.S and be part of it?
Kathleen Maloney, I live next door and am engulfed by your culture

Why in the name of Murgatroyd would Canada want to do such a thing? Don't you realize we've got a good gig here? Okay...I suppose not. So I'll do little bit of explaining.

Our Prime Minister is Justin Trudeau (just for you Channe Järna ). He identifies as a feminist and selected a highly qualified parliamentary cabinet which is 50% female....because it was 2015. He facilitated bringing 25,000 Syrian refugees into Canada as of February 2016 and more are coming. And most of us welcomed them with open arms. He supports cultural diversity, seems to have a genuine wish to redress wrongs perpetrated against the aboriginals for the damage our country has done to them, he's going legalize marijuana, he supports social justice, he's introducing a large stimulus program in order to keep the economy growing and he has good hair.
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau
Some people would like the next President of the United States to be this guy. He's a racist, misogynist, white supremacist. He's going to build a wall to keep the rapist mexicans out. He's going to identify all Muslims in the country ( maybe with a gold star or something) and not allow them to visit until he can sort this terrorism thing out. He doesn't seem to realize David Duke is a white supremacist (or does he ;-) ). He is a demagogue pandering to the economically disenfranchised who look just like him (minus the fake-bake) and is content to ride the scapegoating tide of those who want to blame their woes on people who don't look or talk like them.
Donald Trump

Who would you choose?

2. We have universal healthcare and a strong, compassionate social safety net ( admittedly not perfect but....)

3. We have a true respect for the rights of all including all those gays, queers and transgendered people some of the southern Americans seem so frightened of. (Sidenote: My former neighbours were the first gays in Canada to be legally married. Mike and Mike have a little schnauzer named Schmikey. I befriended them in the dog park. Oddly enough, their gayness was not contagious and I remained straight. Hard to believe. I know.)

4. We have a true secular government, where every one's creed is respected ( including muslims, sikhs, jews,christians etc. and, yes, even atheists!)

5. We don't have gun issues. Gun control, while not universally popular, is not all that challenging to enact and enforce. We don't have pink assault rifles for women and don't need them. We're generally a whole lot more peaceful.

6. Contrary to popular belief, our climate is just fine, thank you very much. I know, I know, we actually have...horrors... winters. Newsflash, so does most of the United States. I, btw, live in a sub-mediterranean climate and do not experience snow in the winter.I get rain. That's right....I live in Canada. No polar bears where I live.

Okay. I give up now. I note that your original question was "Since Canadians has adopt so much American culture and love America. Should Canada join U.S and be part of it". Clearly you are not all that informed about Canada, given the assumptions you hold in asking your question. This does not make you unique. When I joined Quora, I was instantly inundated with questions like "What are the differences between Americans and Canadians", "if America invaded Canada, what would happen", "Are there any places in Canada that are not super-cold" etc. I valiantly tried to answer these types of questions politely. I would try and explain that Canada is a huge country and has many regional variations, in the face of assumptions that all of Canada is exactly the same and, I dunno, you can drive anywhere in Canada in 3 hours. I lasted about a week and then took all reference to Canada off my profile because I couldn't handle the seeming deluge of uniformed questions about Canada.

I've now evolved and put reference to my "Canadianess" back in my profile. I just usually ignore all the questions about Canada that are pretty much founded on sheer ignorance about Canada. And you know...that's okay. If you don't want to learn anything about Canada before you ask questions, that's your perogative. However, questions like yours are going to continue to piss me off.

So here's the deal. If you are genuinely interested in learning about Canada, anonymous OP, I'm more than happy to inform you about the country that I was born and raised in and, as a result, am extremely proud of. However, you're going to need to can the assumptions and ask some open-ended questions. Deal?

EDIT: Trudeau is tabling legislation to include sexual identity as a protected class under the Canadian Human Rights Act.

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