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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Like Old Time Radio? Check out OTRCat.com


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After many years of listening and collecting old time radio shows, the OTRCAT (pronounced 'oh-tee-R cat' - from Old Time Radio Catalog) web site started in 1999. After reading "On the Air, The Encyclopedia of Old Time Radio," by John Dunning, I looked to expand my collection.

Up until the late 1990's, collecting Old Time Radio Shows was expensive and the shows themselves were rare. The original site began as a old time radio trading site to share my collection, further my personal collection of old time radio shows, and provide a place for other fans to research the history of the shows and performers. Since the 1990's, OTRCAT encoding thousands old time radio shows into the MP3 format.

As the collection expanded, fellow collectors asked for copies of the recordings. For listeners who want to order the shows, the CDs are offered at the reasonable price of $5.00 so everyone can afford to listen to these amazing shows. Collections are available on archival-quality media created with profesional-grade duplicators which can be enjoyed for years to come. There are also new episodes to listen to every day of the week.

Proceeds from the website offset the price of machinery, supplies, and growing old time radio collection; every month OTRCAT also sends out free CDs of old time radio shows to various low-income retirement homes, centers for the blind, and American field troops based in Iraq and Afghanistan in hopes they will enjoy the nostalgia of these classic radio recordings.

OTRCAT always strives to increase the variety of collection size and sound quality. If a better recording or additional episodes are located, OTRCAT will usually send an email to let you know the new collection is available (at a discounted price).

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