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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Makes "Per"-Sense To Me...

A rich sheik dies leaving a fleet of camels to his three sons. The eldest is to receive one-half of the camels; the middle son one-third; and the youngest one-ninth. The mathematics don't work: What's a half of 17? So they call a consultant.

The next day, a man with a suit and briefcase riding a camel comes to the sheik's sons. They explain the arithmetical conundrum. "No problem at all," says the consultant, "Take my camel."

Now with 18 camels, the sums make sense. One-half of the camels, nine, go to the eldest son; one-third, or six, to the middle son; and one-ninth, two camels to the youngest.. But wait... nine plus six plus two makes only 17 camels. What about the 18th?

"That one's mine." says the consultant, and rides away.

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