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Monday, March 14, 2016

Nimoy's COPD Doctor Discusses Star's Final Wish

Principal photography has started on COPD: Highly Illogical: A Special Tribute to Leonard Nimoy and we now have more footage available to share with StarTrek.com readers. The following clips feature Dr. John Belperio, who was Leonard's personal physician/pulmonologist at Ronald Reagan/UCLA Medical Center in L.A. Dr. Belperio treated Leonard during the last few months of his life and they formed a very close relationship during this period. It started in November 2014, by which time Leonard's health had been declining for the past six months, and Leonard met with Dr. Belperi based on the strong reputation of UCLA Medical Center and Dr. Belperio for treating COPD patients.

In the first clip below, we asked Dr. Belperio to recap what he discovered upon examining Leonard and running a series of tests.

In the second clip, we asked "Dr. B" -- this is what Leonard called him -- if Leonard had ever discussed with him his desire to educate and create awareness for COPD. By this point, Leonard had become a strong advocate for COPD awareness/education, which has now become known as his "Final Mission."

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