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Sunday, February 21, 2016

The Under-Appreciated "Klikle Sandwich"

Sir Spam-a-lotI was eating my Klik (Canadian SPAM) and pickle sandwich on rye bread, The Wizard remembered back to his childhood days. It seemed so distant and far away. How Mom would make me horrible Klik and relish sandwiches - made me heave. All that ugly pink and green stuff. Geesh!- that was horrible. The taste would give you a reason to up-chuck. Now, many years after, those unpleasant painful memories were nothing more than distant nightmares. The Wizard has his life together. He can afford quality, gourmet meals. Klik and pickle with Keen's Hot Mustard on rye bread. And a glass of ToonTown tap water to wash it down. How times have changed.
The Holy Gherkin

"I am Sir Spam-a-lot, a K-Nig-Git* of the Circular Dinette" and I come seeking the Holy Gherkin."

*Reference to Monty Python

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