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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Majestic and Mighty Elephants | Mission: Elephant Rescue | Elephants at Play

From National Geographic.com
Elephants - Majestic and Mighty
Intelligent, emotional, majestic, playful—these are just a few words that describe elephants. In recent years, the battle to save Earth’s largest land mammals has become imperative, as populations decline at overwhelming rates in Africa. Find hope in places like Uganda, where elephants are making a comeback, and watch a ton of ivory get crushed in Times Square in opposition to the illegal trade. While Neanderthals may have considered them a delicacy in ancient times, take comfort in an adorable video of baby elephants playing today, and read up on fun facts about these mighty mammals. Test your memory when a stunning Your Shot elephant photo becomes a pile of jigsaw puzzle pieces. Then join the rallying cry on the “Voice for Elephants” blog and find out what’s being done to protect these magnificent creatures.

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