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Saturday, October 17, 2015


On the eve of Wes' memorial service my thoughts are still with him. I don't understand how you can speak with someone and a week later they are gone and no matter how hard you try you cannot fathom your life without them in it.

I am deeply saddened. I have cried, and will likely cry some more tomorrow. I am also angry. Why did he go? I and everyone else cared for him so much. Am I being selfish? I mean Wes is the one who is gone. I only think that I will have no more opportunities to share a story, a laugh or a coffee with him.

I really hate death. It robs the living so much more than it robs the person who passed away. (Depends upon your belief system, I guess)... Looking at this picture again I am reminded of Wes' happier side. I miss it now and will forever.

That's what I hate about death. It's forever. I am a Wiccan. As such, I do believe in a form of life after death and I also believe in the conservation of energy and re-incarnation because of that. (energy cannot be created or destroyed)... so I believe that my friend is out there somewhere in some form.

I truly hope that he sees the crowds I expect at his memorial tomorrow. It would make him laugh and say, they're can't all be here for me! Yes, Wes. We will all be there for you, and because you have touched everyone in so many ways, my friend. You had a very short life, but it was truly a full life.
Wes Funk
My Friend. Wes
qamuSHa' and Qapla'!
For those who aren't aware, Wes Funk's Memorial service is Saturday (tomorrow) at 1PM in Hall B at Prairieland Park. See you there. Wes will be watching!

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