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Monday, October 12, 2015

Holding Hands

Holding hands for a lifetime, is what I wanted to do
Ever since that fateful day, that God Blessed me with you
I made a promise to love you, over 50 years ago
I made a vow to cherish you and never let you go

All the years we spent together; the beautiful memories that we made
All the special moments spent beside you my love
For all this, I would not trade

God gave you to me for a reason, and back then, I did not know
But now that I don't have you, I too only want to go
The days I spent without you, my whole being was never really here
Because I was missing you my love, longing to have you near

My days were never the same again, as when they were with you
I only prayed to God above that he would take me too
People may not understand; it is they did not know
But God and you were calling me, and why I had to go

There are things that I will miss; they are the ones we left behind
Although they grieve and miss us so, I'm hoping they will find
The strength to live each day; to love, to laugh and enjoy life's greatest things
Embrace each day with new beginnings, and all the glory the future brings

Please find comfort knowing we are not far away
As in your hearts and memories we will forever stay
We are your Guardian Angels, and we hope comfort this will bring
For you see, your beloved Mom met me with my own pair of special wings

I want you all to know, athough you may not understand
My reason for leaving this life behind
Is that I promised to forever hold her hand.

by: A. Duquette September 2008

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