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Sunday, April 05, 2015

Jeffery Straker - Singer, Composer, Pianist, and Entertainer

Jeffery Straker's Latest Album, North Star Falling, is without a doubt, another home run for him. I have been following Jeffery for about seven years now. I'm not sure what it is about his music that I like, at least not able to narrow reasons down to just one. I think, and I am positively in awe about the quality and quantity of music Jeff has. An awesome singer, with his very own unique style. Jeff is a composer (He writes 99.99% of his songs), He is a fantastic pianist, and has played with The Saskatoon Symphony on 2 occasions, that I remember. His music is that good. He plays the piano with finesse, which I believe is comparable with Elton John, whom I also really like.
Singer, composer, and pianist, Jeffery Straker
Singer, composer, and pianist, Jeffery Straker
I've mentioned on facebook several times that when I drive to Winnipeg, from Saskatoon, "Hey, just chillin' with Jeffery Straker", or Heading to Winnipeg, with Jeff.." referring to the mp3 player plugged in with all of Jeffery's music set to shuffle, repeat and repeat again. I've posted also on 'OZ' as well as facebook, that If all the music in the world disappeared except for Jeff's songs, I would be just fine with that. (No, by the way, I am not a "Straker Stalker"! Maybe just a bit of a groupie...)

This song, "Like It's The Last One" is from his latest album, North Star Falling

He has 7 albums and a single, all produced since 2003. One of them "Live" with CBC radio. Each album is a different kind of music, but all pulled together by Jeffery's vocals.  You can click here to go to Jeff's website, where you can read more about him, listen to some songs and purchase a cd or two,(or three!).

My partner and I attend every concert here in Saskatoon, and wish we could attend more. Jeffery Straker plays live with or without a full band. He has of late been touring with Brodie Mohninger, whom he refers to as "trusty guitar man side-kick". Brodie, himself has a unique style of playing that fits perfectly into every performance. Recently Brodie toured with Jeff in Peru, South America.

Jeffery Straker recently won the Viña del Mar International Song Festival in Chile on February 27, 2014.

From Saskatchewan Arts Board:
Held annually during February since 1960, the festival is considered by some to be the most important musical event in the Americas. It features a song competition in two categories: International and Folk. Straker won the International category with his song, "Hypnotized." He is the second Canadian to win in the history of the competition.

He has received a number of Saskatchewan Arts Board grants to support his songwriting and touring and served as the host of the 2013 Lieutenant Governor's Arts Awards.

Straker performs more than 100 shows of his piano-folk-pop music each year across Canada. He’s recorded for CBC radio’s Canada Live, had a music video in the top 10 on Much More Music, and in 2012 performed across Ghana Africa. His tour stops include a sold-out performance with the Regina Symphony Orchestra with the Regina Leader-Post writing, “simply spectacular…one of the province’s best cultural exports.”
So what else can I say? I strongly urge you to check out some of Jeff's music with the link at the bottom of this post. You will not be disappointed, and tell him "The Wizard" sent you!
Click here to go to Jeff's website and loisten to some tunes of his.
Click here to go to Jeff's website and listen to some tunes of his.
Click here to goto Jeffery Straker's Website
Click here to goto Jeffery Straker's facebook page
Click here to goto Jeffery Straker's YouTube channel

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