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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

5 Biggest Feet in the World

From BiggestStuff.com

(Born) With feet bigger than an average newborn, these guys are bound to stand their ground very firmly.

If you think that someone you know has big feet, you might want to take a look at the list below.

We present you the Top 5 biggest feet in the world along with their their respective owners.

5. Carl Griffiths – 14.5 in (36.8 cm)

Carl Griffiths big feet

An astonishing UK size 21 feet (US size 21.5, Europe size 56) made Carl Griffiths from Trimsaram in South Wales the proud owner of biggest feet in the entire UK, and one of the biggest feet in the world.

Although Griffiths is 6’5” ins tall (195.58 cm), his feet are still very disproportional when compared to the rest of the body, which can clearly be seen in the picture below.

Carl Griffiths – 14.5 in (36.8 cm)

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