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Saturday, June 02, 2018

Pictures That Will Make You Question Your Existence

Sometimes, we get the rare treat of a photo snapped at the exact perfect moment at the perfect angle. It's not always so funny for the subject in the picture, but for the rest of us it's free entertainment.

Here are some of the best accidental illusions. You may have to bend your brain to understand some of these!

1. That is not a tiny man unknowingly walking into a gargantuan seagull.
The seagull is sitting on a ledge.

2. This kitty's ear is not see-through.
It's bizarre how well the ear and hairline blend together.

3. That man is not wearing a beautiful wedding gown.
Although he'd look perfect in one.

4. This girl does not have cow ears.
This is just a fantastic photobomb.

5. This is not a wedding party of little people.
In hindsight, this probably wasn't a great pose.

6. That man is not part of the painting.
He just blends in so well.

7. This is not a giant girl with the ability to walk on water.
Who looks this happy as they cannonball?

8. This is not a well-dressed dog commuting to work.
Just an attentive dog and his sleepy owner.

9. That girl does not have freakishly long arms.
The arms all blend together so well.

10. This is not the world's oldest baby.
His face just fit so well with his grandpa's.

11. That guy is not missing a hand.
The bandage is actually part of his girlfriend's dress.

12. That guy does not have nice smooth legs.
Although if he did, then he would also have fantastic fashion sense.

13. This is not a mythical creature, no matter how badly we want it to be.
Go home, the dream is dead.

14. That man is not riding piggy-back, nor is he miniature.
His pants just blend in with her shirt.

15. This guy doesn't have a luscious beard.
But he should consider growing one.

16. That is not a gigantic squirrel bent on destroying that house.
Or is it? Duh duh duh.

17. That girl does not have a freakishly hairy arm.
It's just a freakishly hairy leg.

18. This child does not have two different sized hands.
He would have had a future in athletics, but that's his dad's hand.

19. This is not an extremely grumpy woman with a melted face.
That would be the underside of a dog's snout.

20. This is not an adorable panda.
Just an anteater. Two anteaters, actually.

21. This is not an all-in-one family.
I don't even know where to begin with this one.

22. The girl in black is not being carried.
The blonde girl is.

23. That is not a floating torso.
She's either sitting on the ledge or has invisible pants.

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