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Sunday, May 14, 2017

The more straight men drink the more they think about Gay sex

published in The Journal of Social Psychology, looks at the phenomenon casually referred to as "beer googles."

Sex with men? Hmmm. OK!

In the study, researchers approached 83 heterosexual adults who were walking between bars in a Midwestern town late at night. They had the participants complete a survey, which included questions about how many drinks they'd had that night. In addition, they watched a 40 second video of either a physically attractive man or woman drinking at a bar and chatting with the bartender. Afterward, they rated how willing they would be to perform various acts with the person in the video—everything from buying them a drink to going home together to having sex.

In a surprise to no one, the men were more interested when the video featured a woman rather than a man, whereas women showed the reverse pattern. Men also expressed more sexual interest overall than women, consistent with a large body of research that finds men tend to be more open to casual sex with strangers. But then things get really interesting.

The researchers looked at how the amount of alcohol consumed was related to sexual interest in the target. What they found was that, for men, they were equally willing to have sex with the female target no matter how little or how much they'd had to drink. Basically, alcohol didn't seem to affect whether guys were DTF with an attractive woman.

But the more that guys drank, the more interested they became in the male target. While guys who had nothing to drink reported next to no interest in getting it on with a dude, guys who said they'd had more than ten drinks expressed almost as much interest in the man as they did the woman.

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