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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

"Ukrainian" Kraft Dinner

Gotta be KD!

This is a real taste treat!


(2) Boxes Kraft Dinner
(1) Litre jar of Wine sauerkraut
(1) Tablespoon Chopped Onion
(1) Tablespoon margarine
(1) 250 ml Sour cream
Dill Weed (to taste)

Make the two boxes of KD as per the instructions, but do NOT add milk. (You need to still add margarine and the 'cheese' parts)

While the pasta is boiling, in a fry pan melt 2 TBS of margarine add the sauerkraut and onion flakes and some dill weed. Heat at med-hi without a lid, so that the moisture evaporates. Make sure you stir it so it won't burn.

When the KD is done, Add the sauerkraut mixture to the KD. Stir in well - serve. Makes 4 portions, (depending on your degree of hungriness!)



stag said...

Have you actually TRIED this?

The Wizard of 'OZ' said...

I have. and my partner invented it