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Saturday, January 28, 2012

There be DRAGONS!

scrap metal dinosaur - or dragon
scrap metal dinosaur - or dragon

Beware it's subtle, but inevitable betrayal.

These metal figures are hand made using spare metal parts and in the likeness of some of our favorite characters. They add an element of blue collar class to any desk or book shelf.

(H = 5 1/2 inches, W = 3 inches, D = 6 1/2 inches)

Buy one today (around $25CDN) from:
Geek Cantina (http://www.geekcantina.com)- Geek cantina is a Canadian company from Winnipeg. You can get lots of cool stuff from them. ThinkGeek.com BEWARE! There's another player in the market!

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Fortress Geek said...

Just a minor point, the site Geek Cantina has now shut down. On the other hand, we've opened and we serve the same market of sorts :)