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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Vancouver Canucks New Dressing Room

Ok maybe I should have paid more attention in PhysEd

Canuck's Dressing Room Door
Welcome to the Canucks' inner sanctum: The Vancouver Canucks have a brand new dressing room at GM Place featuring a new oval-shaped uniform room, a kitchen, computer work stations, whirlpools and new modern lockers and dressing room. It will also be used by Team Canada during the 2010 Olympics.

Photograph by: Jenelle Schneider, Vancouver Sun

Dressing Room
Canuck's Dressing Room

Dressing Room
Canuck's Dressing Room

Snack room/ Player's Lounge
Canuck's Lunch and Snack room

Canuck's Whirlpool

Canuck's Bathroom

Lounge...sinks...shaving area
Canuck's Lounge and Shaving area

Players Showers
Canuck's Showers

Locker Room/Change Room (Players leave valuables before heading into dressing room for hockey gear)
Canuck's Changeroom

Physical Therapy Room
Canucks Physiotherapy Room

Medical Room
Canuck's Medical Room

Players' Lounge
Canuck's Lounge

Computer Workstations in the Players Lounge
Canuck's Computer Station

Dressing Room
Canuck's Dressing Room

Canuck's Dressing Rolom

Luongo's Stall
Canuck's Luongo's Stall

Canuck's Dressing Room

Harvey Jones...Canucks Vice President and General Manager, Arena Operations
Canuck's President and GM Haervey Jones

Equipment trainer Pat O'Neill (left) and Mike Burnstein, medical trainer, helped design the Vancouver Canucks new dressing room at GM Place.
Pat O'Neil - Treainer and Mike Burnstein- Medical Trainer

*Thanks, Daryn

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