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Wednesday, July 12, 2017


Photobucket a provider of storage service for photos and other images emailed me today saying as I was doing 3rd Party linking (The image is on their servers), and appear on 'OZ'. If you look at the terms of service - it was recently changed to include a forbid on this practice unless I paty them $399 to $599 /year! What the Fuck? I have been hosting images there since 2005, and paying them mind you! All of the sudden, linking inmages only allowed on the business accounts. Thanks Photobucket for screwing up a NON-PROFESSIONAL blog of which I do NOT make any money on. Trying to stick it to the small, private individual.

Just say NO to Photobucket
image NOT hosted by Photobucket!

To avoid this, I have deleted all my albums, and photos. I emailed them to stop charging me and that all those photos and images BETTER be GONE! Or there will be hell to pay! Most images will still display on 'OZ', but many will not. PLEASE help me by contacting me when you encounter a missing image. The Contact The Wizard for is on the right side of 'OZ'.


Just say NO to storing any photos there.

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yeah - freaking assholes! I was paying to host my photos

more on this in the next issue

BTW - no way am I giving them 399.99 dollars