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Thursday, December 22, 2016

From The Emerald City

The Wizard of 'OZ' is FURIOUS! My ISP Shaw #SHAWSUCKS has decided to end the members webpages from their servers for some reason which they SAY is due to lack of use. I have been paying for this 'benefit' for about 20 years, give or take. I asked them about a drop in cable bills as the service is being discontinued, they said, No. It was a perk for having Shaw internet. I call Bullshit!

So what does this mean for my blog, 'OZ' - The 'Other' Side of the Rainbow? It means 90% of my links and hand coded pages that were accessible in the right hand column under the heading: "Lions and Tigers and Bears - Oh-My!" (Links) will stop working March 1st. In addition several hundred pages in various posts will also stop displaying March 1.

What I intend to do is find another place to host them and slowly migrate those pages to a new server, somewhere TBD.

The problem is, there is no easy way for me to find these posts that link to the Shaw webspace #ShawIsCrap so in all likelihood you will get some broken links.

I am sorry about that. My site has been well maintained by me since 2003, and I always strive to have no broken links. Unfortunately it will now be inevitable. Again I am sorry, but this is on Shaw #ShawIsShit #ShawIsCrap #ShawSucks - Its not like they take up a lot of space in today's standards and having Shaw tell me just find another place to store these. #ShawIsStupid #ShawIsNaive - as the vast majority of the free storage sites do not allow direct linking of html files (my web pages), so they will just display the code, and not the page. Again #ShawSucksBigTime #ShawPissesOnItsCustomers - Sooo...

I will endeavour to find a place to put my web pages, but please bear with me as once I find these, I have to go through the code to reflect whatever new site is hosting them for me.

What can you do? If you find a post with a bad or broken link, please make a comment on that post or email me by clicking in the contact The Wizard applet on the right side of 'OZ'

Thanks for your loyalty and patience,


The Wizard

1 comment:


I feel for you Dude

same thing happened to me with Multiply - still pissed

Also, Photobucket has change their "PC policy" which as created a bunch of broken links

I have learned to use/stay with the big boys