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Wednesday, November 07, 2018

My Friend Dan. The Sailorman

Sailor Dan - photo originally posted by James Kalyn - jameskalyn.livejournal.com
There is this man who lives in Saskatoon - If you have been downtown, in the Broadway area, or Holliston, where I live, you probably have seen him.

Dan, (I've known Dan for several years now...), doesn't own a car, or even take the bus. You can always see him walking, taking large strides, his long grey hair flowing in the breeze. Dan usually has hand drawn pictures of large sailing ships (complete with all the rigging" meticuously drawn using marker on large sheets of plain white paper.

I had see this man many times before I met him and I laughed when I saw him and said: "There goes that crazy guy, trying to sell his pictures again!"...

After speaking with him, he changed my mind. You see, Dan, speaks with a sailor's accent and has a grizzled face, and full beard and mustache... he could really pass for a sailor! He is a very nice man and is a joy to have a conversation with.

Ship with riggingHe is very interesting, speaking about how ole Mother Nature could really pack a wallop on the old seas...

I don't know if he is a real sailor or if it's just in his mind. But you know what? It really doesn't matter. He has already enriched my life, just by speaking with him.

So. If you see someone who doesn't appear 'quite right', don't just dismiss them as crazy. They may have a story or two, that can give you a positive look on life. Sometimes it's they who have the most unclouded look at life, unecumbered by daily worries.

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