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Friday, August 10, 2018

The Same Horizon

by Trent Deerhorn, Shaman, Deerhorn Shamanic Services

I know that this might seem redundant, but I must say that we all do live under the same sky. That sky could be light in one part of the world and dark in another, sunny in one part and cloudy in another, but it is the same sky. We also all breathe the same air that our ancestors breathed thousands of years ago…slightly more polluted, mind you, but the same air.

The fact that we all live under the same sky, however, does not mean that we all have the same horizon in our lives. Humans tend to think that we should all be cookie cutter replicas of each other. Things that are unusual are most often attacked instead of appreciated. I think that this stems from a deep fear from a few millennia ago. I am not sure what happened. Perhaps it was the emergence of the Cro Magnon that suddenly changed how humans looked physically. But whatever it was, something registered and imprinted on the human psyche that “different” equals “dangerous”.

This is likely why so many brilliant minds over the centuries have been slaughtered by those of mediocre mentality. The thing is that the different horizon that I have from the one that others have, and vise versa, is part of what makes this beautiful tapestry of the human experience. Why should we all have to become doctors, lawyers, farmers, healers, artists? We don’t have to. If our calling is something that is outside of the parameters that we have been shown, then so be it. Some folks might be called to be a mime, others may be called to become a religious leader, others may be called to become a mechanic. Whatever the calling, it is important to honour it and allow that to shine through.

When we even look at the same horizon, are we seeing the same things? I remember mentioning a lavender colour in a sunset once and the person I was with thought I was totally making that up. She could not see the lavender in the sunset. It made me realise that there are likely a lot of instances where perceptions lead us to differing conclusions. After all, if someone physically cannot see something, then it is not that they are in denial about the existence of that thing, it is just outside of their perceptions. I happen to be a Tetrachromat…this is a person with 4 cones in their eyes instead of 3. It allows us to see 100 million colours of varying shades. Those who are colour blind have only 2 cones. Most people have three. I wonder sometimes if this is why I see a person’s energy field before I see their physical form. It is like there is a multi-layered veil that surrounds their physical bodies that I have to work through in order to see their eyes, the colour of their skin, how tall they are and so on. Perhaps, or perhaps it is just a part of who I am and has nothing to do with being a Tetrachromat. But if there is a distinction in terms of our physiology, then perhaps this also plays a part in how we perceive things. It might not be our fault that we do or do not see what others see.

Sometimes those perceptions, however, have filters that are put in place by the self, or by others as one is growing up. My father, for example, had a particular racist perception when it came to first nations people. As a second generation immigrant, one would think that he would understand what it was like to be oppressed, which is what made his family migrate in the first place. But no, he was more territorial than he was understanding. And so when I would bring friends home from school and he would notice that they were first nations, he would lose his mind on me after they left and tell me that I was not allowed to be friends with them anymore. This kind of smothering is what led me to become stealth in my relationships. I would become very close to people that my family would never meet. I would do that not to protect myself, but to protect my friends from my family at times. To this day I have a variety of friends from all ethnic backgrounds and I am honoured to be able to be friends with each and every one of them. Imagine how my father would have responded had he been alive to see me marry a Canadian woman, who was also a South African Indian immigrant! I kind of chuckled one day thinking about him rolling over in his grave. I have never been one to follow out-moded rules and regulations. A rebel within me will always rear its head and encourage me to do what I know is true for me, regardless of what my parents would have preferred. And now that I am in a relationship with a man, this has become even stronger within me.

My horizon may not be the same as others’ horizons. But the thing is that it doesn’t have to be. And theirs does not have to be the same as mine. If we can all just chill out and allow our horizons to be whatever they are and focus more on the oneness that is the HUMAN race, then we will be much better off. Is there a horizon that is right there, offering itself to you? Can you see it? Can you let go of all the social conditioning that prevents you from pursuing it? Go for it! I am not saying that the journey will be easy. What I am saying is that it is worth it.

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