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Friday, August 10, 2018

Families of 3 Saskatchewan murder-suicide victims warn about exit dangers

Sharon Ann Kinequon, Dianne Martell, and Debbie Eisenhut were all killed as they left their partners

by Bonnie Allen · CBC News

From left, Debbie Eisenhut, 56, Dianne Martell, 44, and Sharon Ann Kinequon, 49, were all victims in murder-suicide cases. (Facebook/Submitted to CBC)

A social worker, a law student, and a conservationist.

Three Saskatchewan women who were killed by their intimate partners in homicide-suicides in the past five years whose stories have gone untold so far.

What did they all have in common?

Family and friends say they were leaving their partner when the situation turned deadly.

In March 2011, Debbie Eisenhut, 56, had a plan to leave her girlfriend, Colleen Cote, 51, whom she lived with on a farm near Glaslyn, Sask.

Eisenhut, a passionate nature lover and conservationist, worked for the Ministry of Environment with Cote at Battlefords Provincial Park and the couple had dated for about two years.

Friends say Eisenhut had trepidation about leaving Cote, but it wasn't her own safety that worried her.

Cote had reportedly attempted suicide after a previous relationship ended.

Those who knew about Cote's history say they didn't realize a prior suicide attempt is a red flag common to people who kill family members. Eisenhut had a plan to leave and a place to go.

Her friends say she was a strong and resourceful woman. She raised her son as a single mother and worked several jobs. She was also, many said, a kindhearted person who would give the shirt off her back to help others.

The night before Eisenhut was set to leave, things turned deadly.

Cote shot Eisenhut, then committed suicide by carbon monoxide poisoning.

RCMP found their bodies two days later on March 6, 2011 and the coroner ruled it a homicide-suicide.

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(Wizard's note: I posted Debbie's as I knew her, them both actually. I was closer to Debbie. She had the most amazing 'smiling' eyes!  Am I mad at Colleen? You bet. But I accept that she had an untreated mental illness. Doesn't make it hurt any less...), here it is 7 years later and I'm still thinking about it...

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