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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Crazy and Interesting Facts About Sperm

from gurl.com
At the risk of sounding weird, I’ll just say it – sperm is pretty interesting. Here are 12 of the most interesting facts about sperm. Maybe don’t bring them up at dinner, but definitely bring them up when you want to sound very sexually educated.

Sperm Can Live In Your Body For Longer Than You Think
A common myth about sperm is that it dies the instant it hits the air, so you definitely can't get pregnant if a guy ejaculates on your leg or outside of your vagina. But this isn't exactly true. Sperm can actually live in your body for up to five days, depending on where you are in your menstrual cycle. If you just had your period, sperm can probably only last for a day or two, but if you have "optimal mucus" down there, they can live for longer. Condoms, everybody. Condoms.

His Diet Affects How Semen Tastes
If you thought that all semen tastes the same, think again. A dude's diet can change how his semen tastes. If he eats a lot of red meat, dairy products, onions, garlic and coffee, chances are, the taste isn't going to be great. But if he eats a lot of fruit, vegetables, maintains a healthy weight, exercises regularly, doesn't smoke cigarettes or drink alcohol, his semen probably won't taste so bad. Another bonus for doing all of that stuff? His body will produce more sperm.

There Is Only A Little Sperm In Each Ejaculation
Not ALL of that semen your guy just ejaculated is made of sperm. In fact, sperm only makes up about 5 percent of that ejaculation. The rest of the stuff is a bunch of nutrients and protective substrate, which help these swimmers get to the egg.

When They Aren't Ejaculated, Where Do Sperm Go?
Have you ever wondered where sperm go when they're not ejaculated with the rest of a guy's semen? Yeah, me neither, but now that I asked you're probably wondering! Apparently, these rejected sperms get broken down and reabsorbed by his body. Eek!

You Can Be Allergic To Sperm
Sorry guys, but it's true - people can totally be allergic to sperm. It happens when your body reacts to a certain protein in the semen and a lot more women suffer from it than you think. The symptoms are often misdiagnosed and include pain, redness and swelling in the vaginal area during and after sex. The good news? It's treatable!

His Body Thinks Sperm Are Germs
A man's body sees his sperm as germs. This is because they don't become active until a boy hits puberty, which is also when he starts developing a tolerance to different diseases. The testicles protect the sperm from the immune system with a blood-testis barrier.

Sperm Live In A Cold Environment
In order to produce healthy sperm, a guy's testicles have to stay about 7 degrees cooler than his ordinary body temperature. Another interesting facts? When dudes cross their legs, their testicles can get up to two degrees hotter.

There Are Male and Female Sperm
I personally never knew this, but sperm has a gender! There are both male and female sperm. The males might be faster than the females but guess what? The females are stronger. Boo-yah.

Sperm Wear Hats!
Okay, not real hats, but they definitely look like they're wearing a hat. The coolest thing about their oval shaped heads are that they act as a drill to make a hole in the female egg. So useful!

Sperm Are Not Great With Directions
While sperm may be super fast swimmers, that doesn't mean they're great with direction. They can only swim forwards, but that doesn't mean they know where they're going. A chemical substance from the egg sort of guides sperm to it, but they don't always listen. Actually, only 1 in 5 sperm will start swimming the right way after ejaculation. Oh, and most of them can't swim in a straight line - they'll go in circles instead sometimes. Silly sperm!

Sperm Wasn't Discovered Until The 1600's
The world wasn't always informed about sperm. In fact, we didn't even know these little guys existed until 1677, when a Dutch microscope-maker Antony van Leeuwenhoek decided to put his own semen (most likely) under a microscope. He discovered little sperms swimming around.

Sperm Can Be Really Weird Looking
Not all sperm are made exactly the same! Healthy sperm will - they should have a smooth oval head and a long tail - but not-so-healthy sperm will be a little, well, weird looking. Actually, most of a dude's sperm is weird looking. Some of them might have two heads, heads that are way too small or way too big, a bent tail or neck, multiple tails or broken tails. So much can go wrong!

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