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Friday, March 24, 2017

Short Takes

Dozens Tossed Into Texas Lake As Party Boat Overturns

AUSTIN, Texas -- All the passengers of a party barge that overturned in a Texas lake have been accounted for.

The barge turned over and sank Sunday in Lake Travis, where the water is at least 50 feet deep.

There were 60 people on the boat -- two received minor injuries.

Witnesses told authorities all the people on the boat moved to one side as it approached a lakeside park called Hippie Hollow. It has the only public nude beach in Texas.

The Austin American-Statesman reports in its online edition that the barge flipped over during Splash Day, a semiannual event hosted by the gay and lesbian communities.

"At Arm's Length"

A Hastings man is appealing for the return of his prosthetic arm which was stolen during a scuffle in the city at the weekend.

Senior Sergeant Greg Bradshaw said a skirmish broke out in Market Street between two people on Friday. One of the combatants had a prosthetic arm which was torn loose in the scuffle. Instead of leaving it behind, the second man then ran off with it.

"He'd like it back," remarked cops.

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