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Saturday, November 05, 2016

It's been just over a year since my friend died...

From CBC.ca
Saskatoon author Wes Funk in 2013. (CBC)
Saskatoon author Wes Funk in 2013. (CBC)
"Wes was a great son, uncle, brother and friend," a notice on a tribute Facebook page said. "He cared about everyone who came into his life. He was a great Saskatoon-based author and teacher. He loved his superheroes and has a collection of them and he especially loved the famous dead rock stars. He kept everyone and everything at peace. He was there for anyone when he had the time."

Among Funk's works are the novels Dead Rock Stars and Cherry Blossoms and a memoir Wes Side Story, published by Your Nickel's Worth Publishing.

The memoir, released in 2014, has been described as witty and brutally honest.

Funk was well-regarded for having a sense of humour and rooting his stories in the prairies.

In an interview with CBC Radio about Cherry Blossoms, Funk spoke with pride about the novel.

"I feel Cherry Blossoms is perhaps my best work," he said. The story is set in rural Saskatchewan and Saskatoon and follows a farm wife who comes to a crossroad in her life.

"In a fit of rage, one day, she just packs up her dog and a few clothes and heads to a new life in Saskatoon," he said. "It's a very down to earth, real story."

Funk said he worked especially hard to weave real landmarks and areas of Saskatoon into the narrative.

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Miss you lots. Everyday. Love you, Wes.
Wes Funk

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