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Thursday, March 31, 2016

How Did Batman Go From Being Fun and Gay to Sad and Boring?

By Tyler Coats, Esquire.com

The caped crusader's evolution has left him—and us—completely joyless.​
Batman, then and now

I've never seen a more unremarkable Batman (or Bruce Wayne) than the one on display in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Ben Affleck, who might be as humorless as they come, manages to make the beloved hero a boring, annoying drip of a man, and the Batsuit, which looks more like a tank than an outfit, transforms the vigilante into a terrifying machine. I suppose that's the point here—can this Batman be trusted? Can any hero with superhuman powers? Batman v Superman reduces our chances of having any fun by making the heroes the bad guys: two emotionally fragile white guys who bicker with each other instead of using their supposed intellect to figure out that they're actually on the same side.

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