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Thursday, January 26, 2012

“The Apocalypse Calendar”

Hello Goodbye.
Welcome. You are a little late to the party, as this is a site promoting a 2012 wall calendar, which is likely flying by as you read this. Otherwise, you must be reading this from a post-apocalyptic space colony, sorting through cached webpages after retrieving a stray satellite containing fragments of what we once called “the internet”, but I’m glad to have you here anyway.

This site was dedicated to promoting and selling a project known as “The Apocalypse Calendar.” This project was originally created by me, Thomas Quinn, in early 2011. It had occurred to me that the next new year would be the long-anticipated 2012, made famous by the famously terrible Roland Emmerich film starring John Cusack, and widely known as the year the world would end according to certain interpretations of the Mayan calendar. The idea was to get a number of artists to create a page of a calendar featuring their own vision of the apocalypse.

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*Thanks Aaron

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