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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

My first time

It was my first time ever,
And I'll never forget.
I'd do it again
Without a single regret.

The sky was dark,
The moon was high,
We were all alone:
Just she and I.

Her hair was soft,
Her eyes were blue,
I knew just what
She wanted to do.

Her skin so soft,
Her legs so fine,
I ran my fingers
Down her spine.

I didn't know how
But I tried my best,
I started by placing
My hands on her breast.

I remember my fear,
My fast beating heart,
But slowly she spread
Her legs apart.

And when I did it,
I felt no shame;
All at once
The white stuff came.
At last it's finished,
It's all over now.
My first time ever
At milking a cow..

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