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Saturday, November 21, 2015

10 Places Where Being Gay Could Get You Killed

By Dustin Diehl, PRIDE.com

It’s crazy to think that today, in 2015, there are still places in the world where being gay could get you killed. Sure, we have a long way to go when it comes to equal rights, intolerance and acceptance — but being killed? How is that still possible? Unfortunately, it’s a very scary reality for many LGBTQ people around the world.


If you’re a married man, and get caught having homosexual intercourse, you can be stoned to death. If you’re unmarried and get caught it’s a whipping and/or a year in prison. And for women — up to seven years in prison.


Men caught engaging in homosexual sex can be killed. And it’s not just lip service: In July 2005, two teenagers were hanged, convicted of “homosexuality.”


There’s nothing in the law that calls out homosexuality specifically, but that hasn’t stopped militias and local judges from sentencing people to death anyway.


Gay Muslim men can face stoning, and gay Muslim women face imprisonment.


Not only is it illegal for gay people to form clubs or groups, some states in Nigeria have also adopted the death penalty for gay men.


Extramarital sex is punishable by death. And since same-sex marriage isn’t legal, that includes all homosexual sex.


Lashes, imprisonment and stoning are acceptable punishments for “sodomy” and other homosexual acts.


Imprisonment may be the law of the land, but that hasn’t stopped some states from enacting the death penalty.


Get caught once: Flogging. Twice: Imprisonment. Three times: Death penalty.


There’s some confusion about what actually warrants the death penalty (consensual homosexual sex or just rape?), but all sex outside of marriage is banned.
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